Edibles and how long do they last

I have only had edible gummies and the buzz last hours,how do I make them and how do I determine the thc level in them please? Thank you much.

There are MANY articles/topics throughout the site with very specific information on the topic you’re asking about. Search for things like “making extracts”, “edibles”, “decarboxylization”, etc.

In short, there are multiple steps involved.
Step 1 - “extract” the thc and other compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, etc) from the plant material, essentially giving you “kief”.
Step 2 - Decarboxylization “activates” the thc when you use it in non-cooked edibles such as gummies (baked goods like hash brownies don’t require decarbing, but it doesn’t hurt).
Step 3 - make the edibles combining the “kief” and whatever you plan to use as the carrier for the thc (gummies, butter, oils, etc)

When coming up with the “strength” or dosage of an edible, so very simplistic math can get you fairly close. Kief - if created with as little plant material as possible - will be 80+% pure. So if you measure out one gram of the 80% kief, that’s approximately 800 mg of thc/cannabinoids/terpenes/etc. Add that to your gummy mixture and dole out individual “doses”. Divide 800 mg by the number of gummies and you’ll have a fairly close estimate of dosage. So, if you made 50 gummies, they would be approximately 16 mg each (800mg/50gummies).

NOTE: Do not confuse the word “dosage” with the word “strength”. Dosage refers to the amount of something. Strength is a subjective terms - one gummy for person A may be too strong, but person B needs 5 to even feel anything. “Strength”, or “potency” is determined by many unmeasurable factors, but some things to consider would be strain type and growing technique.

This is truly a very high level overview of these processes - as stated earlier, please search the topics on the site to find extensive information. There are also many people more knowledgeable than I am on these topics, so hopefully some will chime in.


Thank you,really appreciate the information.

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