Ebb and flow hydro kit recommendations?

I am considering investing in a ebb and flow kit that would fit in a 4 x 4 tent. With the reservoir outside the tent i suppose it might be scalable to have second tent sharing same reservoir if all the plants were in same stage.

Any suggestions. There several online and a wide range in price but very few reviews.


I wish I could help, but don’t know about ebb an flo. I have each plant in separate resivour. This girl is coming down today or tomorrow16637047120986047650415030482814|375x500

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@Rusty thank you. I wound up finding a good deal on a kit. So far it has worked well. It has a 50 gallon reservoir and so it takes a little getting used to adding that much nutrients to it. Lol. I am stepping down to 25 gallons next reservoir change, my math told me the 2 gallon pots would be 18 gallons, so I wanted to double or more my solution to see if it would last longer between changes, after all the clay pebbles were added, reality is it only uses about 5-7 gallons a cycle. So I went a bit overkill.

I am curious, what nutes do you use and how often do you change out the solution? Do you test pH regularly? I am using TPSone for this grow and I am not sure if it is the volume that makes the pH climb steadily. I am having to add pH down daily to keep it in check.