Eazy plugs To Germinate seeds

Gday fellow enthusiasts! I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with Eazy plugs for seed germination?

I have some dosi do autos I’m wanting to get started soon and have these plugs a friend gave me to try.

It’s my first experience with autos also.

Thanks peeps!!

As long as those plugs keep everything wet to the top.

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sorry can’t help ya, I germinate in water. But let us know how it goes!!

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Yeah cool thanks I’ll definitely let you know how they go I’m interested in seeing what happens

I put mine in something like that, after it germinates.

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I just used root riots to germinate my auto seeds this time and I’m very satisfied with how fast they cracked and it really helps hold the seedling in place when you water after sprouting when they are first placed in soil if easy plugs are anything like them and they look kinda similar they will work


Yeah cheers well I’ve just popped in my dosi do autos about 24 hrs ago and will see how they go!

Thanks for the response mate!

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I tried a similar product and the roots become bound as it was so compact… even after watering.

You can put them in a shallow dish and keep a little water in the bottom… it will draw the water up.

When it warms up a bit, I’ll try something different…

Good luck


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Yeah mate the plastic package container that they come in is the water tray for them I’ve got them sitting in say about inch of water been in for couple of days now still waiting for them to sprout

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