Early flower of feminized plants

I started 2 blue dream and 2 sour diesel indoors @24/0 until the temperatures outside were warmer at night. When I moved them outside it was close to 12/12. Well at 5 weeks old they almost immediately went to flower and are progressing well. My question is; as the days lengthen, will the flowering continue longer than 9-12 weeks ?

if they are true photoperiod genus, and the days are long enough (usually 14 hours sunlight), they will go back to veg state or FOXTAIL…If you can shade / tarp them from the sun so they stay closer to 12/12, they may continue flowering…but not 9-12 weeks…IF they go that long, I would think they foxtailed. Most flowering is around 8 / 9 weeks…a few exceptions but if you feed N and give them sun, you affect the flowering period