Early blueberry?

i was going to feed this girl 1 more time, but looks like maybe ready for a flush? seems early to me for outdoors in the northeast. but looks mostly cloudy already. buds are big & pretty dense,I started indoors early may? moved outdoors in early june.

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If you have been feeding Organic nutes…no need for flushing. I still see stigma growth so that means plenty of nutrient in the soil…they can go longer for thicker buds. Since it is Indica DOMINANT, you can harvest early to get more of a cerebral head than couch lock. If you like the couch, let her go longer

no couch lock for me, im lazy enough!


Hey Mikey, he likes it!
George, did you cut down that tree?

used tea made from banana’s, peaches,& sweet potatoes. had to aerate quite a long time to get the ph to stabilize, but the plants seem to like it. I been fighting high RH & insects & those little white inch worm critters, had to cut off 2 buds that had rot.

Spray more of my solution directly into the buds to prevent budrot…If they are outside and get rained on, repeat…once drenched, spray daily with a misting…always at lights off, early morn…you should see a sheen on the leaves like polish
drench the soil…maybe double / extra strength for that…let it dry (the soil), then repeat…for the critters