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Autos are feminized from HGCC.

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Yeah , but I purchased these back when I knew it all.

They are autos, but regular seeds, a mix of fems & males. I bought them from new420guys seeds, one pack of gdp auto blast reg seeds. I checked with the guys the other day, my assumption was correct.

It’s been said, autos could take as little as two weeks from veg to flower given all environmental settings are optimum, so I wondered if autos show their sex earlier than photos?

Maybe I’ll call new420guys seeds to find out if they know. Thanks for helping me find the answer to my question. You’ve been very helpful. :alien: :alien: :vulcan_salute:t6: :v:t6: :sunglasses: :smile:

@GOLLO on average autos show their sex at 4 weeks. Some can take as long as 6 and some as early as 2. So just to be safe I’d start monitoring sex at week two and start pulling the males as you find them unless you plan to keep one for breeding.

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Thanks. This forum is awesome!!! :sunglasses: :v:t6: :eyeglasses: