Drying tips and can you smoke weed in a smoker

So I recently harvested 2 plants from my first grow. Unfortuneately upon hanging them in my closet they began to mold.

Instead of throwing it all away like some people recomended. I followed a treatment plan directing me to soak them in hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, then straight water.

After that I am supposed to bake it in the oven. I don’t want to stink up my house so I plan to throw them in my smoker. Does anyone think it would be worth while to add flavored wood to add flavor to my weed, applewood, pecan, hickory, mesquite etc.

To remedy the problem in my closet I bought a dehumidifyer and plan to dry in a small grow tent. Any suggestions tips or links to information that could help me out would be appreciated, as I still have 4 more plants I need to harvest ASAP, thank you.

@RaiderZ28 if you search the forum, you’ll find many threads relating to drying techniques as well as curing of the dried bud.

You should water cure after the cleaning. After 5 days of water curing hang dry like normal in a place with lots of airflow. Put a fan in the tent you’ll be using for drying along with the dehumidifier you’re getting.

Baking or putting it in the smoker will decarb it as it dries. You can still smoke decarbed buds but they won’t be as potent or flavorful.

You can dry and decarb in the oven if you want to use it to make edibles and tinctures though.

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Do not “SMOKE” them with a flavored wood. No apple, cherry, alder, mesquite. Fan dry them after a water cure. Use the 5 day method MDBud speaks of. The water cure will help to remove left over impurities. Make sure there is NO MOLD or BUDROT. Do NOT MIX suspect with good stuff, dry them separately. Do not expect your bud to have that “SMELL” when you are done. Water curing usually removes most of the typical smell we are used to. It also takes away much of the harsh that comes from smoking. The active part of the plant is NOT water soluble so water curing does not wash away the buzz.

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