Drying plants at various stages

I have five outdoor grown plants, all look very nice. Much better than my first grow. This is my second.
Naturally each of them is maturing at a slightly different pace.

My question is, is it okay to put freshly cut plants into the same drying tent as plants that are already on day 4/5 of drying?

Thanks in advance.

Just some info on my grow for your pleasure:

Strawberry Fire (Crane City) x2 plants
Black Sherblato (Crane City)
Zainbow (Crane City)
Alien Rock Candy x 78’ Acapulco Gold (Junkyard Genetics)

Outdoor grow in compost/coco coir mix using Sustane organic fertilizer.
Defoliation along the way, all cropped and tied down bushes.

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It will have an effect on the RH, but if you’re controlling the climate already it shouldn’t be an issue.