Drying in a paper bag

does drying in a brown paper bag work?

@pescaldy it does. Just have to set it in the right environment and open the bag and turn the buds every day. Bring the ones on the inside of the pile to the outside.

Once it’s dry just jar up and cure as normal.


You have to have holes in the bag to circulate the air some, especially if you are in a humid area. No light is best. Check everyother day. I overdried some bud and it was brittle. Also less smell.

Can anyone help. I’ve been drying for 3 days at 54 rh and 70 degrees. Bud feels dry but stems don’t snap. Can I jar the bud ? I don’t want it to over dry.

@Bludreamz the buds will feel dry on the outside but can still be fairly wet inside and that moisture will pull to the surface in the jar and keep it too wet.

You can always check one of the buds inside if you think it’s too dry already before the stem snap. Just break one open and if it doesn’t just break apart with a light snap it still has some time left. If it folds and doesn’t pull off easily it’s still too wet to jar up.


Thanks . I did just what you said. Bud folded over like paper. Thats the best info I found . Great explanation. You just saved me from a world of trouble.

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@Bludreamz you’re welcome man. Good luck with the dry and cure. :v: