Droopy Plant - Blueberry

I have 9 plants growing in a patch outdoors, in the ground, not pots. One is drooping and lots of leaves are turning yellow and dying off. We are in a drought, last good rain was a week ago, so I figured this needed water (though the other 8 are all perky). I turned on the soaker hose and gave this one a gallon of water itself. Our tap water is excellent, pH 6 or so.

This morning, still droopy. Any idea what could be causing this?

We have just come out of a heat wave, 8 days over 90. Nice yesterday and today, though.



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Blueberry is a west coast strain that’s good outdoor, but the poor gal doesn’t like it hot and she also needs more food than most indica varieties. She’ll bounce back when it cools off, but it also looks like she’s hungry and isn’t getting enough nitrogen from the soil. I’d definitely top dress around her with some worm castings and work them in to the top few inches of soil.

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Thanks, @MDBuds! It has cooled off, the past two days topped out below 80 degrees. nights have been in the high 50s. I’ll feed her and see what happens.

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It sounds like you have the same weather as me lol…

I’m in Massachusetts. You?

PA here your growing period ends a little before me.

We had low 90s today then thunderstorm this afternoon. Fl panhandle. Plants hanging in there :slightly_smiling_face:

A couple of days later, another plant, this one a Durban Poison, showed the same symptoms. I pulled both out in case they had some blight that could be passed to the other plants in the same patch. I am growing so much that two plants are not worth risking the whole crop for.


Looks like got to hot or possible to dry or she has a root issue

Hot and dry, but watering didn’t help I suspect roots, I have found basketball-sized rocks not far under the surface. Two of the plants I had to pull had shallow roots. I’ll dig down and explore after the season.