Droopy and yellowing

I am 3 weeks into grow. Critical x Northern Lights auto. PH level is good and PPM runoff is just over 700. Using a soil mix of 1 part organic sphagnum peat, 1 part organic hummus and manure and 1 part pearlite. With small amount of worm castings added. Watering every other day and using a 1000 watt LED grow light. Running 18/6 light schedule. Need help with what might be causing yellow and droopy leaves. Any tips or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have any pictures? Otherwise, we could all talk to death.

Is this under burple? Try a pic without as it makes it hard to really see. Looks like your soil may be too hot. What height is your lights, what wattage, and temp of the environment

Someone else with more knowledge will jump in, I’m sure as I’m not familiar with autos, but is it customary to feed autos that young?

1000 watt led light set about 19 inches above plants. Temp is between 75 and 80 degrees…

Happy Thanksgiving @DonG Rh is ? 1000w -at 19" 75-80…you are getting close to needing CO2 at that high temp. Usually I start my lights at 24" and come down .5" a day until I see a reaction, then I back off. 75-80 is not hot but it is very warm. If it were just a little spud, I could see that temp but this baby is a todler and should start seeing temps 70-75 with rh 50ish (50-55, even 60 ok)
19" - 1000W - THAT IS MUCH LIGHT FOR THE PLANT TO HANDLE. Not too much, just a lot. If you have a dimmer, try lowering it. If you can move your driver off the light and out or higher, you will reduce your heat. Make sure you got circulation / fan going. Are you using inline exhaust? Do you pull in from bottom and vent through top? That will bring in co2 and it is heavier than o2 so it will feed the girls.
I see some spots on the leaves - are you spraying / watering with lights on? Cal/mag?


@DonG that looks like slight over watering. Water less frequently and don’t water the center/stem directly. Water in a circle around the outside of the edges of the leaves to send out the feeder roots. More roots means healthier plant and the faster growth makes it hard to over water.


I raised the light up and adjusted fans, that did lower the temp, will see what happens. RH is about 50.

Ppm and pH runoff are not applicable to soil. That is for hydro.

You only need to worry about what the pH of your nutes are going in. If you try to get an acceptable pH or ppm run off in soil you will be chasing your tail and stressing your plant.

I grow in soil or soilless media. Both are buffered and my nutrients aren’t wildly outside of acceptable parameters so I don’t have to pH my nutrients. I simple rely on a well designed medium to buffer it into the correct range. The chelated nutrients that I use also aid in this as they allow the plant to take them up at a wider pH range.

Some people will still have to pH but a lot of these growers turn to RO because they have other issues that are causing a drastically high or low pH in their source water.

It says that you use a soil mix. Did you mix it yourself? Or is this a packaged mix?
Did any of the inputs include buffers of any kind like oyster shell or dolomite?

Your watering every other day is also suspect. Cannabis does best with good O2 exchange at the roots. When soil plants they are young they like to go a bit dry between waterings.

Depending on the container your plant could be sitting in constantly wet soil. It may seem dry enough at the top but is saturated at the bottom. I lift the container to gauge if the plant needs to be watered. It should feel almost empty.


@MDBuds I was amazed at the root ball of the WW. They start so tiny, but WOW!!

My GDP photo is in flower, drinking alot can’t wait to see how she does. Because she’s under the SCROG, i got runoff, if she draws it up. Am I overwatering?? Here’s how she’s looking!! And she smells delicious


@Adcrag don’t worry about them drawing up the run off. I would only worry if it left standing water in the saucer for more than a day. Cycle wet to dry now to make sure you aren’t over watering and you will be fine.

Gdp gets really dense buds and doesn’t like humidity in flower so preventing any standing water and cycling wet to dry will prevent them from getting mold.

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Gotta ya. I’ve removed it after a hour or so!! Thanks have a good night

Remember, you can’t really overwater, you can only water too often


Point taken, I watering wet to dry. I can still lift her a lil.

I have an 80 gallon aquarium and I vacuumed the bottom today and fed each plant with one gallon of aquarium water full of fish crap. An hour later my molasses came so I guess it will wait till next water.

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Have you been feeding with fish emulsifier all along? If so, no wonder why your plants look killa