Drooping leaves?

I have already learned a lot from just being here for a week everybody is awesome I just wanted to say that beforehand but I have this Northern Lights Auto and I lowered the light to about a foot the other day or a couple days ago whichever I only water them twice a week and I’m just going to flush them right now regardless I don’t care about nuts right now I have a tent coming another light coming so I’m just looking to finish these but my Northern Lights plant looks good on the bottom but on the top it looks like it doesn’t have enough water or it has too much water I watered it about four maybe five days ago can anybody shoot me some ideas here? Yesterday of the plant and it looked fine. Thank you in advance!
-P :christmas_tree:

Here is TODAY.

I mean I did lower the light but it doesn’t look like light burn to me but again I’m good at outdoors this is my first indoor so don’t be so harsh on me LOL

Hi P-tree! What kind of light are you using? High temps? Low temps? Ph water? Do you have a fan blowing directly at or toward the tops of your plant? What is your relative humidity range? Soil and do you aerate? It looks like it could be a humidity or air intake/outtake situation, possibly.

is your soil dry? can you feel the weight of your plant & soil if its light, it may just be thirsty, if soil is still wet/heavy, then no…the leaf color looks good.

It could be from the heat even though no burn

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