Don't pay the ransom,, I escaped

I haven’t posted in quite a while. Had to spend a few days in the hospital but since we last spoke I harvested my first plant and got a hundred and fifty grams and the quality is terrific. Thank you everyone for the answered questions and the guidance that you gave me


Glad you escaped from the money pit. Smoking our own harvest is the best. Nothing better




It’s hard to believe that this old man has got the best weed in town. So proud of my friends that help me make it. First time I’ve ever smoke my own weed weed

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Better believe it. Last night my wife whips out DonnyBurger. She bought at dispensary…like $60 USD for a quarter…My eyes burned, my throat dried…that was about it. Whipped out the GSC Auto I harvested 2/3 weeks ago, added a pinch of GDP from my 2 month old curing jar…Blew my socks off
God bless the child that Grows their own