Don't know what's going on

Can someone explain why the tops of this plant is blackening and wilting it is an auto flower growing in a greenhouse have 9 plants total and this is the only one that has the issue 1st Pic is healthy plant right across from it

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Hi @Dman my experience has been when I saw this on my plants, I think it was rotting/mold from high humidity and no air movement.
I let my foliage get out of control once and this happened on one of my plants in my tent…once I cleared some foliage out and put a small fan on that plant the black never came back and it matured normally.


Yes that’s what I thought I am in Southeastern PA and the heat and humidity have been ridiculous the last few days you don’t even wanna go outside thanks for the response

I like what @retiredoldguy said. You can tell by looking closer how vibrant yellow those leaves are, which is a good indication of high nutes, which could definitely be from a mold/mildew issue. I’ve had the same thing happen. If the sun beamed on it, along with water/mold/mildew for any length of time, that would also be why they got fried.

Did your plant bounce back when you had this issue of course it is the biggest plant of the lot that has this problem

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I’d just make sure the moisture issue is controlled (nothing dripping down from condensation, etc) and make sure it’s not a soil moisture issue, and my soil isn’t too hot, then clip the dead off. She would be right as rain and recover.

You can usually recover from mold / fungus when caught early enough. Please do another few pics and show MORE of the WHOLE plant, not just the tips. Hard to make / pinpoint issues when you just do a closeup.
Rules - never water in the day / lights on…same for misting, spraying.
Due to the HIGH RH the east coast is experiencing, many are using a mold prevention spray…You might want to think about it…you are a perfect candidate

Is the mold resistant spray a store bought item or some concoction you can throw together

Mike, Texas is getting hammered with rain and high humidity…I’m thinking that we’re in for a high humidity summer with rain…Do you have something that will help with the mold and fungus, especially when in flower

yes…many are buying my NOMO MOLD…
email me privately…please provide
full name
and kind of seeds you like (photo, auto, indica, sativa, hybrids)…they come free with my juice
[email protected]
I know you already have this but FGOS cause I am a pothead and lose everything… :crazy_face:

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How many drops per gallon of water?
How long will it keep its strength in the gallon of water?
Thanks for sending the Voodoo juice…

I have no idea…but thank you for asking the question!