Don't judge your plants before you try them

I kind of lost interest with this plant it had nice colour but no scent or smell to it nor any tricomes one or two here or their so I made my mind up it was going to be jank and nearly cut it down ,i pushed it to the back of the tent I gave her 8 wks and chopped her down now its dry and wow strong as fuck I wish id let it go longer now as it could have gone a few more weeks its got no smell or crystals but it’s got a real heavy red eye buzz


That is pretty. What is it? It looks like the fruity pebbles treats (no canna of course) I made for kids without the red. Makes me just want to eat it.

it’s purple bud by sensi seeds it’s got a really heavy stoned buzz that lasts for hours


:thinking::thinking: what strain is she??