Does this look normal?

Hey everyone! I know this is a little early to be worried about anything, but I am just pulling out of my first week with this baby girl (NYC Diesel Auto) and I started to get worried when I noticed only one of the first set of real leaves seems to be growing. The second is much smaller and doesn’t look right to me. Is this a normal growth pattern for cannabis or should I be concerned? All the pictures I see seem to show plants that grow rather symmetrically. Any advice is welcome :pray: thank you all in advance


I am relatively new but all I grow are autos. This looks fairly normal to me. I can see more leaves coming. I would give it a week and see how it develops. I am sure you will hear from more experienced folks here. Grow well friend


Looks perfectly fine to me. They’re like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get. I’m growing two identical Kushes right now. The smaller, Runtier seedling of the two, which I thought would just die - has grown up to be the healthier, more productive of the two. Go figure.


looks ok to me too! Must be a consensus


Looks very Healthy to me


looks good, its just a baby, it will develop very quickly…

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It’s pretty normal for the first node or two to come in like that. Usually by about the 3rd node you’ll start getting that classic top forming that you see on a lot of the photos around here.


Thank you so much everyone. I feel much better now :pray: