Does this look like it’s stretching to you?

Hey everyone,

Very excited to get my very first grow up and running. I’m growing a NYC Diesel Auto in a 2x2x6 tent with a Mars hydro TS 1000 LED.

This little girl popped up yesterday morning and I’m not sure of this would be considered stretching? I was running my lights at 19 inches at 50% power and just lowered them to 15 inches this morning after seeing how tall she was getting. Is that a safe distance? Should I lower it more? Increase power? Or am I trying to kill my plant with love and overthinking the whole thing?

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Welcome TIm!
First of all, NYC D is a sativa strain so expect it to be / grow more in length than Indica heavy strains…Too early to tell here but go back to 18"…Mars is a good light with good Blue spectrum coverage and at 40% should not stretch the seedlings…Make sure you get a small breeze somewhere to help the stem from becoming lanky…the breeze will help it be stronger. Wait for 2nd, 3rd node before you overthink this. If it is stretching, you will know by then but by all accounts, your got it going correctly


Thank you Mike! I had a feeling I might be over reacting. I never even thought of the fact she was a Sativa :man_facepalming:t2:


No expert but looks to stretched for one day :thinking: