Do you like open space or grow tent?

What do you like beter for your grow space? Open room or to have a grow tent or two?

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I personally prefer an open room if I have the space. I used to grow outdoor before I started indoor and my grow style is more suited to open spaces. I love growing sativas or sativa dominant hybrids.

I like to be able to walk around my plants as I care for them and there isn’t enough room for that in tents but it’s what I have to do for now. I also like to see how big I can get them and growing in tents or indoor in general definitely limits the height you can achieve.

My perfect grow room would have about a 15ft ceiling and enough space to where each plant had it’s own 3 to 6 square foot area in 25 to 50 gallon pots so I could easily walk around them and care for them. Even bust out a ladder if needed if I’m growing a giant plant. Then get super excited about having to use supports for baseball bat sized colas so the branches don’t break. :joy: