Do you guys get freebies?

Did two orders,love the quality of genetics! Said freebies,but no freebies. Either way,super excited about my mowie wowie and super skunk #1. Only about three weeks in to flower so not really worth a picture just yet. Got some green crack x AK-47 and blue widow from here,that for the next go-round.

Yeah i didn’t receive any free seeds either.,but they did send me free packs that I got charged for…:yawning_face::sunglasses::100:

I’ve bought a lot of seeds and have never got freebies seems like ever time trying to get free seeds something goes wrong and always my fault

Any time I’ve had free seeds on an order, I’d always get them. Had one issue where they didn’t make the invoice/order. Sent them pics, etc and received the freebies within a couple weeks.

I’ve found with the freebies that you need to make sure they are on the invoice/packing slip. I’ve had to redo my orders a few times to be sure the freebies were there. Any issues, contact HGCC - they’ve always done me right. Remember - squeaky wheel gets the grease!

Thanks guys,still love hgcc!