Do white widow tricon's change colors

Hello I was just watching a YouTube video that mentioned white widow trichomes stay cloudy through maturity, whats your thoughts??


I believe that trichomes from all strains will progress from clear to cloudy to amber as they mature.

That’s the nature of the cannabis plant


Adcrag - do not confuse trichomes with pistils. Those white things are pistils (the flower), trichomes are the little tiny mushroom like globes that start to cover the leaves and all around the pistils. Pistils will always amber out as they age but you need a magnifier to see the trichomes

Harvest time


@Mrb53004 I think you’re right, about knowing the difference lol. So I went back with my Magnifier and this is what I got

I do see the white pistols and tiny shiny things on leaves when I enhance zoom pic.


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Better pic of cloudy trichomes on pistols & leaves.

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not ready. Try not to look at the trikes on the top of the plant / flower as they will usually always be clearer. You should check them on the sugar leaves next to the pistols. The pistils will turn / brown out way before the trikes start to cloud out. Your sugar leaves will get frosty / frostier and check from lower in the plant. Get a jewelers loop - cheap $10 10/40 or 10/60 magnifier
You are not magnified enough to see the color on those trikes but they are not ready. You got plenty of flowering left and that is where all the good stuff comes from. Your buds are still small, just starting. This is when you give them nutrients to boost the flowering. Then you go to plain water / ro / on the last cpl weeks to flush out the nutes. Then cut, dry, cure

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Thanks, I’ll keep ya posted!!

Here is a closeup of milky trikes

See how much they coat the leaves. You sugar leaves are still making this beautiful THC, flavors, effects
From a little further out, see how many form around the small sugar leaves

:thinking::thinking: my girl Gloria (in honor of my beautiful Mom​:sleepy:.

We got some forming

Your thoughts, at least I understand were to look. Thanks

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Oh yeah, they are starting up nice. Patience is a hard thing at this point but you got some time to go. It will blow your mind how much (more) they will develop. I see pistils are starting to turn, do not let that throw you. They can completely brown out. Watch the trikes, not the pistils.White Widow will turn those tops FROSTY like Christmas time. I just finished drying my WW and Silver Haze and they went into cure this morning


The word is trichome, and all cannabis plants have it and yes they change, from clear to milky to amber, you chop by your trichome and not your pistols, get a good glass or jewlers loupe so you can see them, when all your trichome is milky you can chop but your weed will go straight to your head, i like a body high so i wait till my trichome is 25 to 50% amber, as for your pistols if there not turning give plant cold water that will do the trick.

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and it is pistils, not pistols…they do not shoot. I am also sure everyone knows what I mean when I use the nickname “trike” instead of the word trichome, from the Greek trichōma and they are pubescent indumentum located on the plant

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: @Mrb53004 . I’m a newbie for sure.