Do I need some nitro nut?

This Original Glue Auto is looking great vibrant and happy. She is planted on Fox Farm FX1404 and I have not started any nuts . Just Ph corrected water.
Do I need to start or leave as is for now ?

In cause I want to see the replies.

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If you wait, the plant will tell you when it needs / wants nutrients…all to often we want to fix what ain’t broke. You will also learn to read / listen to your plants as THEY GUIDE YOU


I’d listen to Mike, he knows what he’s talking about. I do notice the color is a little “weak”. They will need a little supplemental nitrogen soon. One thing to think about is that it is hard to over feed (maybe the most common mistake) with organic fertilizers. That’s one of the reason’s I switched to organic and the “feed the soil, not the plant” school of thought. I have found the best source of nitrogen is your own urine! You must dilute it to about one standard pee per gallon so if you have a lot of plants you have to save it for a bit. I use a funnel and pee into a large bottle until I’ve got “one pee per” ratio mix it with your feed water (with nothing else in it) PH it to your desired level (6.2 for most in soil) and let er rip! I’ve achieved a green color like I’d never seen before with this method and the plant shot up in growth. I caution you to dilute and PH as described or you will burn the plant. (yes possible with some organics) Lastly, I’ll give you the best secret I’ve gotten in my 7 years growing; YOU CAN MIX ORGANIC AND CHEMICAL FEEDINGS AS LONG AS THEY ARE SEPERATED BY AT LEAST A WEEK. I learned this from a friend who is the Professor of Soil Sciences at a major southern university. The organics produce a better tasting product and are safer for the plant and the environment than chemical feed. But you can supplement with chemical if you notice a deficiency as long as it is at least a week after applying organic. If you think you notice a deficiency, post a photo here and ask first. That’s what your brothers and sisters here are for! Use us, we like it! (Actually, most think THEY know what is correct, so one must be judicial and take a consensus from the answers to derive your answer.) Your plant looks great, just on the verge of needing a meal soon. Best of luck to you! You’ve found the site with the most experienced growers and a management team that steers everyone in the right direction.

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Should I feed a little Urine to this pale girl ?

before I added any urine…I would fix the watering schedule so the uptake of nutrients is at its prime. Your leaves are droopy,slightly curling. If you had a Nitrogen issue, the bottom leaves would be yellowing. You color looks stable across the entire plant. Some strains are lighter in color, gotta make sure that is not the issue
If you use the urine, a mist will not hurt them…as long as ph is withing tolerance and not during lights on. Remember,wait 24hrs for urine to turn to ammonia…ph must be between 3 and 9…anything lower or higher can hurt.

IF you with to add urine to feed water, the usual rule is one regular pee per gallon for dilution. PH to your spot of course. If you’re unsure 6.2 is considered safe for soil. Pale color may indeed be natural for the phenotype, but a watering with diluted urine would not hurt. Being an organic it won’t burn your plants.

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