Do I have the longest auto flowers ever?

HI- I started my first ever grow with Blueberry auto flowers. I germinated 2 seeds (#1 &#2) on 5/4, they popped 5/6, planted and cotyledon sprouted on 5/8. I started them indoors for four weeks under cheap lights due to inclement weather. But they went into outdoor greenhouse and then fully outdoor around Solstice.
I also started 3 additional Blueberry #3/4/5 on 6/3, which is four weeks later. Also Sour D auto #6/7/8/9 on 7/6-- Obvs SD is a sativa and I’m seeing differences in plants there, but there have been significant differences between #1&2 and #3/4/5.
As of writing on 8/24, I’m still waiting… that’s 110 days since 5/6 for plants #1 &2. 82 days for plants #3/4/5.
#2 (in a 7 gal) has always been faster than #1, she stopped growing and started budding about 2 weeks sooner and stopped growing height @48". I feel like I’ve been on the edge of my seat for three weeks. Thrichs are all cloudy, I’m still not seeing ambers and I’m checking all the tips. Leaves haven’t really been dying off (barely yellowing- mostly browning, not sure how much of that is d/t drying out the soil) until about the past week. I have barley watered her the past 2 weeks because…ya know…I thought we were close!
#1 (in a 5 gal) grew very tall, like 54" and was very slow to build buds. I might have overlooked her a bit the past two weeks because I was so focused on constantly checking #2s trichs. I think she has some ambers now but I misplaced my loop today and haven’t rechecked. Leaves are all very yellow now but not wilty-die off. Has slowed down drinking and soil has been staying moist.

I think it should be safe to harvest either now? I guess #1 if I can confirm has some amber I should do it? Should I let #2 keep going and wait for some amber?

I’m just getting real anxious about how ABSOLUTELY DANK my backyard is and on hot-humid days how the DANK fills the rooms facing the backyard lolz.

#3/4/5- @82 days are progressing a little faster. #3&4 are in 3 gallon pots but are like 54" each and #5 in a 10 gal is 56" but waaaay bushier. Its been really hard to keep up with the watering demands of the 3g pots with such tall plants. #3/4 have been yellowing and wilting their fan leaves starting at the bottom, as to be expected. #5 is showing no signs of wrapping up and is still bushing out.
I feel like I have enough plants, and its my first grow, I was planning to experiment with all this and can try harvesting at different times. They’re all in different pot sizes, that was part of the experiment too.

Also- Any theories about it being crazy long? The 4 weeks of miserable weather making it 4 weeks behind?? even though its supposed to be an auto.

side note- SD seems “normal”/ to be expected as it just started budding at ~3 feet tall and 49 days old.
All three sets of grows are spaced about 4 weeks apart as part of the experiment.

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Pics and diary link:
plant #1.

plant #2
trichs on both (1 on L, 2 on R):

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