Do I buy cigars?

The hairs are curly and brown. The trikes look clear to me but I did see what I thought was amber in a couple of them.

She seems a bit of a runt, coming in at less that 18 inches. And her width is pretty sparse. I thought she would fill out.
I don’t know much about this. She is a Blueberry auto.
I have probably stressed her a lot, out of my stupidity.
How much longer, doc?

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What is the length of time between Clear Trikes and Amber Trikes. I see the clear ones now. Is there a predictable timeline between clear, cloudy and amber?

it can happen pretty quick, i would keep checking at least twice daily, your getting close.

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I try to go by the lower bud sites as the top colas tend to mature quicker. Once you see lower buds with milky triches, time to pull it.


watching like a hawk


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the harvest based on trikes is a personal decision,strain and effect
Indica are generally more of a nighttime, sleepy, couch lock type of head so I harvest early to reduce passing out after puffing / ingesting. I harvest MILKY…amber is too late and parks my butt on the couch / bed. That is OK for pain relief but I like to enjoys the effects sometimes
Sativa - A much more energetic head so I let them go a little longer becasue I can get RACY if I harvest early so as soon as I SEE AMBER, I begin the harvest procedure.
You have to remember,this stuff continues to change even after it is CUT…

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thanks much for that. Mine are still clear.