Do autoflowers really mature

So this girl is on Day 53 from seed…I’ve grown other two other autoflowers and they didn’t mature this fast…how long should I wait to harvest? Should I start flushing? Also…I’ve been using Fox Farm nutrients (trio plus other supplements) but I’m learning that phosphorus deficiencies are common with Fox Farm…I added Big N Sticky in the mix @ 4ml and I recently increased it to 6ml…should I increase it to 8ml? I’m thinking I’ll feed her a couple more times until I start flushing…looking forward to your thoughts!
Thank you!!

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What strain is it? How long has it been flowering?

By pics… looks like a few weeks at least from starting flush. Maybe cal-mag deficient? Are you using cal mag?

Personally I like Fox Farm soils (Happy frog and Ocean forrest) but im not familiar with their nutes as I don’t use synthetic. I don’t use PK boosters and my bloom mix is only 2-8-4. Its possible you’re P def but looking up FFs trio it looks sufficient to me.

Organic is so much easier… Kelp, molasses and worm castings is the way and top dress once a month.

edit… Closer look at picture I would guess calcium

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It’s Jack Herer autoflower, flowering for about 4 weeks, and yes I’m using Cal Mag—about 4 ml…but only during feeding…should I increase it to every time I water…what should I use for Calcium? It’s the What organic nutrient line do you recommend?

Thanks so much!!!

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Okay… Jack Herer probably 60-70 days after flowering started… So you probably have 4-5 weeks left?

I would be doing 5ml/ gal every other watering if not getting it organically. If your plant is magnesium deficient it cannot uptake other nutrients.

I grow organic and my plants primary source of cal/mag is through unsulphered molasses. Plus other good stuff in it.


Great!!! Thanks so much!!!

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Save your money on all the fancy sweeteners out there and just use molasses. It’s pretty much the not so secret weapon of weed growing.

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hi i was reading this posting & thought i’d ask u a question bout my girl’s , I’m having an issue w/ yellow leaves on the bottom of the plant ,I’ve been told it’s prob. due to the flowering & that the leaves will do that .but it’s only been 3 weeks since they were planted in their forever pots after germination (5 gal fabric ) & their in no way looking like your’s mine are still looking very young ,I’ve not grown auto’s b4 so I don’t know what to expect from these girl’s any advice or tip’s for this newbie auto weed mama !

Could be a touch of overwatering bud, pick your pot up if it’s light you water if it’s still heavy you don’t every four or five days

yes ,i was thinking that ,so I watered a bit more the last 2 watering’s n i water in a circle around plant’s. but I don’t want to start chasing thing’s to see if that’s the problem ,cause that’s even worse ." water more oh,wait now i need to dry it out ,oh, add some amendment’s oh wait maybe not ,maybe add this ,or this… I think i’ve done what i know to do ,but I don’t want to stress them by doing "too much adjusting"I just figured out how to upload pic’s so i’ll have pic’s to add to my post’s so everyone can see what i’m talking about . more info tomorrow. Advice from anyone is welcome!

They look great! Ours usually take 10-13wks from germination so you seem to be right on schedule! :+1: good job!

Hey! I noticed your comments, do you have a picture of your plant and the yellowing?

Also is the yellowing happening to all bottom foliage and working its way up the stem?
Are the leaves showing any dark brown/ rust like patches or curling down towards your pot? Overwatering shows signs pretty early, your leaves will normally feel very full and droop and curl towards your pot.

Auto flowers, in my opinion, should always be started in their end containers, mainly due to the very short flowering period, this stops them from undergoing transplant stress, root complications and allows more time to let the plant develop naturally instead of trying to overcome stress as this will effect overall plant health and yield.

Happy growing!

Peace, love and pot!