DIY two piece starter pots

Though the ideal would be sprouting seeds in their forever pots, that isn’t always practical. I start seedlings in the same tent with maturing autoflowers, literally in the shadow of the ripening bud. In my 27”x27” square tent, there is not a lot of extra room when two or three three gallon pots with maturing autoflowers are present. So I wanted some kind of starter pot that doesn’t require tipping it over and sometimes roughing up the plant being repotted. A few Chobani Greek yogurt cups were handy, so I cut three of them in half, right down the middle, I used a band saw, but about any fine tooth saw, hacksaw even, works, then taped them back together with duct tape. The idea will be to prepare the forever pot with damp soil with a hole matching the yogurt cup in the soil, into which I ought to be able to gently transplant by removing the tape and opening the pot like.a clam shell, then transferring it into the waiting pot. If I can do it with fairly damp soil that stays together, damage to root hairs should be minimal.

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