DIY flavor in pot

Can I get more flavor using the correct soil…I was under the impression that flavor can only be acquired with lights…
I smoked some pot from a legal state recently with alot of taste…I can grow the high thc…I just can’t get much taste out of my grows…Hoping to get a good tasting plant grown outdoors with the right soil…
Shooting for quality over quantity…

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@Wildbill How do you cure? The last few outdoor grows I did, it would be a quick dry and start smoking the free weed instead of the dispensary stuff. Flavour was ok, not great. After joining this forum, the last crop I made sure to buy an ounce to last me through the cure. The taste is way improved! And each jar I open is better than the last.

As well, might be leftover nutes…do you flush?


Its all and art from the grow to drying and cureing my friend happy growing @Wildbill


I cure in a 36" clothes moving box with small cutouts bottom and top…I have a fan at outside bottom blowing air for slight air movement…Then jar with Boveda 62…
I’ll take all the tips you have to give

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I changed up my soil this year…
1 part compost from my pit
1 part Dr. Earth fertilizer
1 part spent MG soil from last year
A good sprinkling of Dr. EARTH bonemeal…
Hope the soil works

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@Wildbill flavor comes from genetics. You need a plant capable of high terpene content to get good flavor to begin with or no matter how you grow or what you do you won’t get it to express.

So step 1 get a cultivar that is known to be a good resin producer and has generally a higher terpene content. A plant that will make your neighbors raise an eyebrow.

Step 2. Get the plant to express the genes through these methods. 1) Grow organic. 2)Feed the soil microbes and fungi plenty of sugars. 3) Gently stress the plant in veg before you flower it. You’ll know you’ve done it right when you start to see small trichomes that look like white hairs starting to glisten on the leaves and stems and the plant will start to smell even in veg. 4) Manipulate lighting. UVB and UVA are proven to increase resin production and increase terpene levels. It activates dormant genes via the UVR8 protein that control color expression and resin/terpene production. 5) Foliar feed, foliar feed, foliar feed. Foliar feeding with kelp and calmag increases the efficiency of photosynthesis. Also, by feeding through the leaves less energy is needed to take up nutrients and hormones from the roots. That means more of the sugars that are created for energy can be stored and processed into terpenes during respiration. 6) Maximize respiration by allowing for good airflow and keeping vpd in range. Also make sure to keep light intensity in range for your co2 levels as too much light will hurt photosynthesis. Efficient respiration is necessary for photosynthesis and for terpene production since sugars and the extra carbon taken from the carbon dioxide are used to create the lovely terpenes and flavenoids that we love because they are simple hydrocarbons. 7) Maintain during flower. 8) Lower temperature and humidity keeping vpd in range through the flowering process and right around the last two weeks before harvest drop to 65f day and 55f night with 35% humidity. This will slow off gassing as the plant is still producing terpenes so they will build up more even if you smell it less.

Step 3. Harvest and cure. Harvest in the morning before lights on the morning after a full moon. Do this in the dark. They say to harvest during new moon for less moisture, but full moon will have higher terpene and resin levels along with the moisture even though it leads to a slightly longer dry and cure. Dry slowly 10-14 days trying to maintain a 60/60 balance with no light. 60f temp 60 rh. This can fluctuate slightly as long as temp doesn’t go above 70f and rh doesn’t go above 65% or drop below 50%. Too wet with colder temps is begging for mold and too dry with higher temps will start off gassing the terps and flavenoids you are trying to preserve. Once dry and they pass the snap and smoke test shuck and jar with 62% rh boveda packets. Keep jars in the dark and monitor humidity. Burp daily until rh stabilizes in jars. Once rh is stable at 62% leave jars closed.

I do this myself and just today I made some rso but when I went to open my white widow she smelled just as amazing as before I chopped her. Lovely citrus and pine scent with a bit of pungent earth. Broke her open to decarb and she made the whole damn house smell. :joy:


@Wildbill I know some of this you can’t do outdoor such as monitor vpd and manipulate the light but you can do everything else.


Dang, whata treasure throve…I’ll follow these techniques,the ones that I can…
Bro, thankyou very much

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@MDBuds What is vpd?

@Darodguy vapor pressure deficit/differential. It’s a method to monitor the relationship between leaf temperature and humidity for optimal respiration and photosynthesis.

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@MDBuds Thanks, interesting, sounds difficult to keep at optimal. Is there a simple way to keep the vpd within a comfortable zone?

@Darodguy it is difficult to keep at optimal if you don’t have a sealed environment with decent to high end gear.

For the average home grower though just keeping it in a healthy range as best as possible is sufficient.

Just need a decent exhaust fan, a humidifier, and a dehumidifier. The cheap small ones on Amazon will work. If these aren’t options for you there are ways to dehumidify using home methods such as desiccant buckets and ways to humidify and cool using wicking and fans.

Use a hygrometer and thermometer to measure everything and dial it in.

If you want to try to go the more professional route it requires a lot more investment and tools that measure true humidity instead of relative humidity and an infrared thermometer to measure leaf temp.

I was in instrumentation before I retired and I had access to everything required for that. Now I’m just growing 1 plant in 25% of a 6’x2’ closet. I do have an exhaust fan in the ceiling controlled by a timer. I’ve kept temps at 62-75 and RH around 40. I also plan on UV A & B the last 3 or 4 weeks of flower. I just try to give my plant what she needs to do the best she can.

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@Darodguy what stage of growth is she in? Temperature range is good but rh 40% is a bit low for veg and early flower.

@MDBuds I just flipped her hours to 12x12.

@Darodguy I’d bring rh up if you can. 60% for early flower is optimal and slowly lower it as she progresses. Drop to 50% mid flower and then the last few weeks drop to 35-45%.


@MDBuds Thanks for the guidelines; I’ll see what I can do. I need to figure out a way to get the RH up to dry anyway.
I think I’ll take a few tokes, head to bed and let my subconscious work on it.


@Darodguy setting up a wick is the easiest way. Just need a bowl, pot, or bucket, a towel, some water, and something to hang it in front of the fan with.

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@MDBuds I set one up in my grow area and last RH was 54%. Growing is like learning a trade, you have booklearnin’, and then you learn “tricks of the trade” working in the field.

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Sponge’s work well also