Distilled Water Question

So, I’ve been using distilled water with happy frog soil & fox farm trio of nutes with powdered aloe & worm castings here & there. I just read that the distilled water doesn’t have any of the micronutrients that my girl needs. First off, is that true. Second off, how do i her her what she needs organically preferably. She’s about nine weeks old in veg stage & healthy so far. ??? Don’t want her to be lacking going into flower.

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The distillation process does remove basically all minerals from the water. You might want to supplement with cal-mag unless your nutrient line is supposed to be designed for use with distilled water.

Most tap water and rain water will already contain some minerals. Tap water will also contain chlorine, but you can get most of it out if you let it sit in a bucket for 24 hours. Even better, get an aquarium pump and put the stones in there. It will remove the chlorine faster and add some dissolved oxygen.

Depending on where you live, you might have very poor tap water and you’d want a filtration system of some sort. Mine is decent enough though so that’s what I use.


I ordered spring water going forward. I got from Facebook group that was better for her. I just want to know if that has the micronutrients enough for her to give nice buds. Side note, for the calcium, can i use pure powdered calcium carbonate & how do i use it? What about iron, copper, magnesium, etc.if need be. I don’t want to have to spend much more money.

You can overdo things with the fertilizers and hurt the plant too. She looks to be in perfect health right now. The worm castings will have plenty of the micronutrients you’re asking about.

Just stick to the recommended fertilizer schedule for whatever you’re using.

You’re in good shape, just overthinking it.


Thanks @CurrDogg420 i needed that validation.


She looks good man. As stated dont over think it. Distilled water does need to be re calcified. I use RO/DI and I typically add 30ml of liquid cal/mag to 5 gallons. When I dont have the liquid I’ll use baking soda and Epsom salt. Grind them together to make a powder. You can google the amounts of each.