Discoloration question

Hello, This is my first grow. Purple haze autoflower going into week 4. Using fox farm ocean forest in 3gl fabric pots. 73F/58%rh
Using VS1000 Led grow light 24/7

Noticed some yellowish spotting on one and looks like curling on another plant.
I’ve just been watering up to this point. Ph of soil is btwn 7/8.

I’ve purchased fox farm nutes and I have cal-mag. Just not sure which to use.

Welcome Momma…
Can you post another pic that shows the TOP of the plant please…Sometimes the lower leaves are not a good indicator of issues. Curling is almost always over watering…spots can be from many different things so lets have abetter look and more of an understanding of the soil, the nutes, the strain, the environment…basically a bigger picture. What I do see does not look bad at all…but it is just a tiny portion of the whole picture

Thank you! I’ve added a couple more pics.

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