Did the fungus gnats ruin my plant?

Hey guys I’m the one that had issues with the fungus gnats a while back. I got them under control and 2 of my plants have been doing great while the other 2 are a little hopeless. They were all planted at the same time. The all had fungus gnats. But the smaller 2 is there any hope for them?

Barron, they did stunt…but
are they photo periods? if so, transplant, even t the same containers…add a small amount of new soil…they should recover. Transplanting will shock them but also trigger hormones that may repair them and get them back on schedule. I do not see any flowers / buds that are large enough to say it is too late so, you have everything to gain, not much to loose

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Don’t laugh at me but what are photo periods lol :joy:

we don’t laugh at that stuff, just people… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
photoperiod plants…they stay in veg mode as long as you keep the lights on longer than 14 hours…we FLIP to induce flowering whereby we change the light schedule to 12/12
autoflowers bud on hormones and as long as they get 5 hours of light, they will flower

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Lol,if you don’t know what photo periods are,did you know what auto flowers were?That’s funny stuff,but anyways.Photoperiod plants will grow bigger,and bigger,but will not grow bud until you change light schedule to 12 hours on and 12 hours off.This is inside growing with lights.Once the plant is on 12 /12,you have flipped to flower,and basically your plant will grow bud for next 2 months before done or ready to harvest.Harvest too soon,you will have weak bud,like reggy.If you grow strictly outside your harvest will be something like 2 months after we begin to get less daylight hours outside,before winter temp of coarse.To know best time to harvest a plant you wait for trichomes to be milky with 10 percent of them being amber in color,to simplify what I’m saying to you.The plant will be frosty looking ,kinda like a crystaly fuzz.lol

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You may want to consider drilling holes in the sides of those pots to get some more air in there. If you were to submerge yourself chest high in water, that would be negative pressure (less space to expand; diminished lung capacity). Your plants need the same thing, soil acts as the lungs/stomach. I feel like they can’t breath and I hope I’m not causing offense. :v:t2: