Did she hermie on me?


Looks to be that way, My Friend. I think I see a seed ready to come out in picture #3 and/or 4. However, I could be wrong as my sight is shot for the night. I’m sure @MDBuds or @Rye or someone could answer with a confirmed affirmative.


Thanks bro I sure hope not

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Maybe nanners…,you are SO CLOSE to the light…that is what happens with susceptible strains
Is it the buds right under the light? Cannot tell from your pics…sorry

No I bent the main cola a little and move it back out of the light.

those are some earlier pics

Hey @Growman43, sorry to be a pain, but do you have some images sans pink lighting? It’s hard to see when the image is altered that way for some of us with old rods and cones.

can’t open the box right now its dark time for the girls. This is all I have right now. Can take more after 10 tomorrow.

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I’m pretty sure I see some in the image I circled. I see you said she was touching the light? I had that happen once and was lucky enough to have only seeded that one particular area. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I thought so. Hey thanks for taking the time to help me out

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You’re welcome! Have a good one! :v:t2:

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Man that’s a tough call to make through the pics. Did I miss what strain it is? I dont think those are hermies though.

Being that close to the light can cause foxtailing, and spiral growth of the buds.

When it safe get some good close pics of the buds under regular light, zoomed in as much as you can and still get a decent pic.


@Growman43 those look like foxtails to me. I don’t see any nanners but that doesn’t mean that the same stress that caused the foxtailing didn’t cause some hidden nanners inside of the buds.

As for right now they don’t look like they hermied to me but you can’t know 100% until harvest.

Thanks again guys for the help

For what it’s worth I don’t see any nanners either. Did we figure what strain it is? Some ladies are just foxy. Dutch treat, cheese, and sour diesel all seem to foxtail in my experience. Especially cheese. If there are seeds the pollen came from somewhere. I would have to and would have already done bud exploratory surgery for seeds. I thought the older photos seemed more seed like than the later fox tail ones.

I thought this one was beginning to develop nanners

Strain is superman og

@Mrb53004 that’s foxtailing. Foxtailing can happen on its own or be followed by nanners. Most plants that get nanners also have foxtails but not all plants that foxtail get nanners.

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Just nervous it’s only my second grow and i thought I saw some seeds

Anyone have a good pic of nanners?

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