Did my Gelato Herm out?

I was just going through the flower tent and noticed these on my gelato. She’s middle of week 4.

I think she hermed out on me…


@Veganbudz yeah that’s a hermie. You can pick the sacks off and keep her flowering to avoid her getting seeded but you should quarantine her away from the others just in case you miss a pollen sack so she doesn’t seed your entire crop.


Wow, how does that happen??

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Yes @Adcrag that can happen under high stress especially with strains grown from seeds from a hermaphrodite. It’s a genetic response for self preservation.

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Guess I better NOT stress girls out lol.

Happy growing


@Adcrag I wouldn’t worry about hermaphrodites too much with HCC strains. Most are bred to not hermaphrodite and I’ve intentionally stressed my girls out to see how strong the genetics are with my strains.

So far they have handled drout situations where I left them alone for a week without water in a tent that got up to 110f for a few hours each day and they barely wilted.

I transplanted one intentionally and it just stunted its growth.

I’ve over watered them intentionally and increased humidity to 75% for a week to see if they would mold or mildew and they didn’t. Again they just barely wilted but showed slight signs of deficiency. Bounced back as soon as I started watering as normal again.

I intentionally over fed them to see how they would recover from nutrient excess and they barely got nutrient burn and slightly burned tips.

I broke the stalk on one of them and splinted it and it grew back no problem.

Right now I am cold shocking them to see if they can withstand the cold too and not a single hermaphrodite so far.

These are some of the strongest and hardiest strains I have ever grown. I’ve done things to these plants that would kill inferior genetics.

We’ll see how much it effects the average yield when I am done too.

Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:


Thanks That is good to know, that the HCC seeds have a better ratio of coming up females. I had beans from a different seed co, and sadly their rate on autos (hermies) was atrocious. I got male plants and hermies from a 12 bean grow. Ugh! :hot_face:
Best of Health~


Hee, hee, MDBuds, the Mad Scientist, I love it! ROFL!! (Envisioning MDBuds in a Lab Coat experimenting on Cannabis plants). :rofl: :partying_face: :vulcan_salute:
You’re a class act, MDBuds, you and the other regulars here are great folks. Thanks!


@kanashiihawk I feel like a mad scientist. But I love my plants too. I’m like the Professor Utonium of cannabis giving a new meaning to power puff girls. :joy:


So I went over my flower tent and found a light leak. It’s a mesh vent that I have open for air intake that’s against the wall. My gelato was right next to the vent.

I didn’t think it would be a problem but clearly it was. My ladies never go through much stress. I low stress train in veg and maybe top once.

I’ll be adding two 6” ducting for air intake and shut the mesh vents.

That Gelato was smelling soo good too :tired_face:


Got the same on a pack of gelato seeds…throw the herm away…almost impossible to get all the pollen sacks…trust me, i know…

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Yes i would put it .i had to pull one myself

Ya I don’t even bother trying to pick out the pollen sacks. They form in the flowers and it’s hard to see them all.

I just chopped it down. If I had an extra tent and light I would flower it out.

They were HCC Gelato feminized.

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Good deal the one i had come from HCC too I’ve seen a few on here

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Ok. So then it could be the genetics. I’ll be germinating a couple more to test the genetics.

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I planted four only had one out of them not to bad

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