Did it get too much moisture

Hi y’all. I think my little ones are mad at me. I had my humidifier in the room over night with a half plastic coke bottle over them. This morning the tops are bent. YIKES!!! Doing research I think they got too much moisture. They are afghans. Any advice on how to help them? I’ve got a fan on the little ones now. What did I do wrong, what can I do to fix it and what’s my lesson for the future. Tried to upload a pic but being new I got a big fat NO. Thank y’all

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Try to re-size pic to large size before sending. If you had them domed why the humidifier? Pic would help

Chasworks can I send you the picture? It states because I’m a new user first time posting it won’t let me add a picture. Not sure why, I bought my seeds from them but anyways. I thought you were suppose to use a humidifier :woman_shrugging:

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Have a picture would help

You don’t need a humidifier if you have them Domed: sure send pic, i believe its just a short timer thing. Interact they should increase your level pretty quick

the Dome provides the humidity :eyes:

this is how i grow my seedlings…everyone has their way. 100 percent for me this way so I do. With plastic bags you don’t need a humidifyer…just spray water into them and it provides plenty of humidity for your babies.


Yes sir, nice method. I use those plastic containers because i was able to pick up a sleeve of them cheap! What ever works for you: :yin_yang: I am going to grow these 2 slowly in hopes of using as a mother plant to produce the clones for my next run! Thats the plan today, circumstances could change by then :100:

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