Did i just got ALL girls?! Help me sex my first plants

Hey guys, so i got the seeds from a flower bag and decided to plant them. This is my first time growing and i am not sure if i am seeing things, but they all look like female plants to me.

They are 30 days old from seed.

Kinda looking like girls.

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Those look like the spears at each node. I don’t really see anything showing sex yet.

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Oh i think i confused the spears with Calyx in all of them, now i understand :slight_smile:
Some more waiting then…

So is 30 days too soon to sex plants usually?

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Unless I am growing autos, I top above the 4th or 5th node, and in about a week or so the male will reveal itself.

Sorry i am new to all of this, when you say “top” above the 4th node you mean cutting off the top of the plant?

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Yes, although normally just bend the top over until it snaps. I don’t get any damage to any other branches just starting out that way. No method is wrong or even required. Good luck and let us know how things are going. We really care.


Will do, thanks!

I have just moved the 2 biggest plants to a larger pot, and after a more careful read they are definitively suffering from Nitrogen deficiency, i just found a 46-0-0 pure nitrogen fertilizer online which should do the trick, will be back in a few days so we can try again!


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So you cannot tell the sex of plants until you flip the light schedule to a 12/12. Please do not give your plants a 46-0-0 fertilizer. The only other way to know is if you send your plant matter off for analysis to somewhere like Farmer Freeman for a sex analysis test. This has been a test of the Emergency Cannabis Horticultural Optimization Botanical Inoculation Theoretical Consumption of Herb. ECHOBITCH