[Diary #73] Homegrown Diaries Functionality

Created a new Diary on Monday Jan 18th. Added Week 1. Was able to edit Week 1 initially but on the 20th Edit is now disabled. I wanted to add some more photos and comments. I suspect Edit is only available for 24 hours. Also I do not see an option to add a new Week (2), I suspect not until after a week has passed. Would be nice if you could edit the current week for the whole week.
Is there any way to contact an admin or submit Feature Requests for HG Diaries?

Originally published at: https://diaries.homegrowncannabisco.com/diary/73-gsc-auto-jan21/week/1


User Navigation:
There is no quick link to My Diaries. It should be in My Account (Top right) drop down but it’s not.
I have go to select another link to go to account to get a link to My Diaries. :slight_smile:


Diary created Jan 18
So it appears I am now able to edit the current week until the 25th (one day too many).
On the 25th I could not add a new week.
On the 26th (today) a new week appears without having to manually add it (I like that) but should have been created on the 25th (7 days from create date), not the day after.
The message on the screen is not correct, only 1 week has passed in reality.
Otherwise I am really liking the Diaries so far :+1:

As a developer I always have trouble counting and often off by 1… decimals, dates, arrays haha


When a new week appears and a user gets to select the “Stage” the choices go from Germination to Vegetation. Can we get an option to select “Seedling”?
My germinated seeds will spend the next 2 weeks at least as seedlings before they enter Veg :slight_smile:


@MDBuds explains stages well in this post Cal/mag and RO water


@RandomNirvana I’ll tag some of the HCC admins and content creators for you. @Kronic @gareth

Happy growing man. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

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Thank you @MDBuds, So far the few kinks and quirks I reported have been worked out. Looks like the admins and developers are monitoring. Will see if I can select Seedling on Monday the start of week 3

Basking in the SoCal sunshine today before the next few days of rain. Alfresco grow in the winter :seedling:


I’m following you for the seedling category.

Beautiful plants. :white_flower:


Well still no Seedling category. On the main Diary page there is a filter for Stage so I suspect adding a new Growing Stage is not trivial in the design.

In any case the girls spent 2 weeks in Germination and completed 1 week of Veg, starting week 4. Standing tall they would be a little over 4 inches and at the 4th node but I started a little LST on the 7th.
GSC in the front, Blueberry in back growing a bit more…

Two days later and doing well but confined indoors today due to weather…
GSC in the back, Blueberry in front today…

Bottom stalks up to the cotyledons appear to be pretty stiff, almost woody but the stems widen greatly above that point and are very flexible. Now they are veggin’!

20 Days into the saga


So after adding Week 4 and uploading pictures I noticed this little watermark plastered all over the center of my image… not cool. Appears to have been added to the Diaries in the last update. I feel this my image and HCC has no right to watermark it even if I do upload it to their servers. Whats next, images on the forum? @gareth @MDBuds @Kronic is there a way to get this removed? If not I will discontinue using the Diaries.


Hello @RandomNirvana, it’s to protect your images from being used elsewhere - it stops people from exploiting your work without citation, it also protects us against “hot linking” (and abusing our server costs).

As part of our terms of service, we will never use, re-use or distribute your work without citation and credit.

We can look at reducing the transparency of the watermark, however, so it is less visible over the image.

I hope this answers your question satisfactorily.


Hi @gareth, thanks for responding!

With all due respect I call BS! If this were truly the case other sites would employ this practice, lets look at the defacto standard https://growdiaries.com/
The fact is it is my image and if I am really concerned I would stamp my own © or watermark.
Stopping external linking is a server issue!

This would at least be a step in the right direction. Perhaps also move it from center to top or bottom?
Thanks for your time and consideration :grinning:
Happy growing :seedling: :v:


We are perfectly happy if you want to watermark your own images, and it is your right to choose.

I have reduced the opacity of the watermark by 50%, so it is a lot less visible but still visible enough that images will not be.

Any change of policy is quite honestly above my pay-grade, so I will pass on your remarks to the appropriate people and write back if I’ve managed to get anywhere.

I hope that helps. Thank you. :seedling: