[Diary #72] Blueberry Auto Jan 2021 Grow

Growing HCC Blueberry Auto during the winter months in Southern California. This should produce a small spring time harvest by May

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So Cal winters are usually pretty mild compared to the rest of the US so I decided to make the most of my new found hobby and try a winter Auto grow. Mostly indoors in a small 2x2 tent with a Spider Farmer 1000 augmented with natural sunlight during the day as weather permits.

Peat pots started with 60% FFHF and 40% FFOF

Mixed up a week before hand to let the biology get started
Soil grow using a mixture of:
50% Soil from last grow amended with Natures Living Soil for Autoflower
A little gypsum, Aragonite and Azomite mixed in
Watered with spring water pH 6.8 with small amounts of FF micro nutrients.

Started the germination process on Jan 17, within two days we have life…

Two more days in dirt and we have sprouts

By day 12 the seedlings are rooting out of the pots, time to plant. I should have done this on day 10.

After a week in their new pots they quickly shot up to 4 nodes, time to start LST

And here we are, day 20 and the girls are doing very well despite the cold cloudy weather we are having. High today was 63, I really have nothing to complain about. But the girls had to stay inside today :frowning:

Really liking the Blueberry Autos from HCC!


Question…I see the LST starting. Do you ever offset your plants when placing them in containers? I plant mine off to ONE side and it makes it SO MUCH easier to train my plant over the soil rather than trying to tie down to the edges of the container. I use garden staples, 6,8 and 12 inches long …Just a thought

I have some old school blueberry but have not got around to growing it again, the yield is on small side of medium but the bud is really fine, good luck


I have seen others offset their plants, old habits die hard. I just used what I had handy. But I can see where garden staples would be an easy alternative or even 10 or 12 gauge solid electrical wire and bend your own. Nice tip @Mrb53004.


Nice looking auto @snoleperd76 I remember getting some really good Blueberry 10 or 12 years ago and wanted to see if I could grow something close. If I get 2oz from an auto I am a happy camper. I grew my first autos last year, 1 Bubblegum 2.2oz dry

And 1 Jack Herer 2.75oz She grew tall (about 4 feet) and really leaned toward sativa

As you can see I did not do any training or topping on those. Grown outside I thought I would just let them go. This grow is mostly indoors so trying to keep the height in check. Thanks for following!


When you reuse the soil how much living soil do you mix?

@MoOG I was making 12 gallons of soil and reused 5 or 6 gallons. I bought 5 pounds of living soil and mixed in 4 saving 1 pound to top dress after a few weeks. The other half of soil was mostly FF Ocean Forrest (60%) and FF Happy Frog (40%). That Nature’s Living Soil is very VERY pungent and on the pricey side with shipping it was about 45.00 for 5 lb. First time using it so we will see if it is indeed seed to harvest.


They look great but my blueberry must have been a different strain as yours is much bigger, i dont know if you will pull 2oz off it but at least 1, when your plant dries its 95% water and sometimes they shrink up allot, but then again i pulled 2oz off 1 SODK auto, to look at it you would not think possible but the flower was so tight and compact it was really heavy, my blueberry was small with black leaves witch look purple under the light allot of people luv it but mine were small think i got a half oz per plant but yours is much bigger you will be happy no matter how much you get bc it is so good, looks great! Maybe i should had used a bigger pot? Anyway great job!!!

That is what I use already. I mix one pound with 1/3 of a 3 gal bucket of ffof and then fill it with the ff. It seems to be working well with my autos. I am thinking you are saying that the normal nutes in the reuse soil have been used up and use living soil to replentish??

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Yep, and reusing soil adds in all those living (and dead) beneficial bacteria and organisms into a fresh environment. If your throwing away your old soil your wasting money. Compost it!

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I am planning to. I am 2 weeks away from harvest with my first grow so there is a lot more I don’t know than I do know. At least the mistakes I have made hasn’t killed them🤣. I am learning a lot and having a blast. I love my new hobby

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This time last year I just started to consider growing and had not grown in 40 years. Everything has changed! Learning is a lifelong process and often we need to re-learn our skills, lol. I have always embraced technology and use it to my advantage :slight_smile: I made mistakes but I learned valuable lessons too!

I did not start my photo seeds until end of May last year for outdoor grow so they only got to veg for a few weeks before flower started end of July. Yields were smaller than they could have been but very potent.
This year I am ready and have a better handle on what to expect.

This Blueberry grow will be finishing up and new photo strains will started for this years outdoor grow. My biggest problem is Ca 6 plant limit and deciding what to grow. I have Star Killer, Wedding Cake, G13 fem seeds and a dozen old school roadkill skunk regular seeds. It’s either 2 each of the feminized or all 6 of the regular skunk.

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Well in Misery we can not grow outdoors. Grow must be secure from vandalism. I can have 6 flowering and 6 vegging at any time. I decided to do one grow after another. I hope they don’t stop by for a few days.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I am going to be close. I have always gardened I am good at that. I have smoked since 65 but other then running into plants on the riverbanks never grew. This took an investment but will save me money long term and I get to grow what I want to use. And it really does help with my pain issues. Best of both worlds


I hear ya brother! :+1:

22 Days old, sunny and 72 today so the girls get 6 hours outside
4 days into LST and the under branches are popping up nicely
Leaves appear a nice dark green in the sunlight, looking healthy so far!


Day 24 Mid Feb. Sunny and 71 rest of the country has snow…

More LST before going back under the lights for the night.
Misted with small amount of Fulvic Acid (1/8 tsp/L)

Sunday: Day 25
Next morning they were all perked back up like nothing happened!

Sunday: Day 25 Watered each pot with ~1L water pH 6.4
No nutrients yet, half Tap half Spring. Tap water here is really hard and Spring water a bit soft.
Plants look nice color of green, the Blueberry a bit darker than the GSC.

Happy VD!


Day 29 Friday, Outdoor temps 77 high today. #2 (left) started flower on Feb 18, #1 is right behind. Keep up with LST daily to expose as many tops as possible. Starting to stretch as the moon waxes :slight_smile:

Both GSC have also started to flower on about Feb 18 Day 28
GSC on the Left, Blueberry on the right

Water pH 6.4 Molasses, Kelp and a little humic acid. Foliar with fulvic acid.
In the morning under the LED lights, the tops appear more yellow. But after a few hours in the sunlight they are looking pretty green. Sunlight is really pushing them along :grin:


Blueberry Auto update on about day 72. Temps have been unseasonably hot, broke 2 records at 97 and 94 last week. Flowers starting to foxtail a bit. No salt base nutes, all organic. Smells nice and sweet.

BBY#2 finished first, pulled her 4-2-2021.

BBY#1 still looks a week or 2 away.