[Diary #320] somebody stop me

I just chopped 6 OG Kush Autos Tonight. Happy Growing

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meaning harvest? how did the turn out?

here is a link for free (sample - pay ship only) for nutes


Does anyone know how to add more weeks to my diary? ive got week one amd can’t seem to figure out how to add a week two

@Empress it automatically adds weeks starting from the date you selected as the planting date.

Once you fill out the weeks just wait and more will automatically generate until harvest.

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All the info from Mike is great. Start plants in small pots, water from bottom. When it comes to chemicals, I dont use any except molasses during flowering. If you have any local farms nearby, try ask if they make a soil from their livestock, most do. Happy growing.

yeah ive got issues already. two of the germed seeds didnt root so theyve died. a third is one inch high but seems unable to get out of its shell. i even gently remobed half but now it looks likw its dying

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it wont let me load a pic of the struggling baby says file. too large… its not any larger than the other two photos i just posted soooooo idk


can’t tell with the burple light but sometimes the seed casings get stuck on the cotyledons…We pry them off gently as the seedling is extremely vulnerable at this time. If you use a dome (clear plastic cup) over the seedling, it makes the casing much easier to pry off
Wait and see…