[Diary #312] Truly new excited to grow what i love and love what i grow

Random discussion through process advice always welcome and appreciated just call me tiny

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ok, Welcome Tiny…to the community

Thank you def more than glad to be here reading everyones adventures is amazing and glad to have a community in my corner to join me on mine


This site and the knowledgable people that are in this forum are amazing!

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I agree whole heartedly

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Its especially nice because I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing at times

I am doing it for 50 years and still feel like that… :laughing:

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It’s nice being able to reference questions of people like you with out people being all judged and made to feel inferior newbies like me appreciate it

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I am not too OLD to learn something from a newbie…Sometimes it takes someone who doesn’t know anything to teach you something new


I can respect that I’m just stuck being worried my baby’s aren’t as advanced as they should be for their age lol

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Lol just re realized how much I use the word truly… happy 420 every one happy growing

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