Diagnosis for seedlings needed please please

Im going to show a pic and say what i did just prior to the discoloration. I very slightly increased the light intensity. The are in a seedling soil that has a 3 to 1 ratio seedling soil to fully amended supersoil at the bottom.inch of the pot to help acclimate them to stronger soil at transplant time. I watered with neutral water mixed with recharge inoculant. The next day they showed a yellowing outline around the edges of the leaves with light browning at the tip. I do have a fan blowing indirectly at a low speed as well. Iy looks like a potassium deficiency but that has to be impossible at this time in the game

@Headbanginghippie what are your temps and rh?

Spot on. During light. 75 degrees 55%. Night 68 degrees and 65 max rh usually falling around 62% rh

When we see tips get yellow and burn, it usually relates to nutrients

Nutrient Burn -image

NITROGEN DEFICIENCY image can be cause by lockout of N due to soil composition
Low levels of calcium, phosphate, molybdenum under acidic conditions will limit nitrogen fixation

First thought is that the soil is JUST TOO HOT for these young plants
Also, you could be watering too heavily…not overwatering but enought to flush N from the plants

Ok thanks. Next time i do something to the plant i am only going to change one variable. That way i know if thats what did it. I didnt water a ton but im new. Maybe u can tell me. I used a spray bottle and sprayed just around the base of the stem every two days. It looked real dry before i watered and i checked an inch deep and it was dry. I stopped every 2 days and now i do it every 4 day but im watering more heavily now each watering. Does that seem like a lot in these little solo cup size pots?

LIFT the cups…Take a cup, add soil DRY. Take another, add soil and wet it (not to sopping or dripping but make sure ALL THE SOIL IS MOIST…lift the 2 cups and get used to feeling WATERED vs DRY


Finally worked thru everything…unfort it took me a couple failed grows to truly figure it out. It was underwatering. There is so much advise on being careful not to overwater on the internet that i ended up doing the exact opposite. In all fairness the medium i am using is something i never used before and its tricky watering it at first. The water will go right thru the solo cup barely making the soil moist. I bottom watered them in 1 gall fabric pots and they are loving it and all the issues i had went away. I was using a spray bottle the first couple grows and spraying the soil at the base of the seedlings and i def thought it was enough but that was not the case. I am doing what u said as well. I have a full pot of dry medium in the tent to use as a reference. Thanks

Dearing veg i keep on a schedule then when going to flower i feel the wait of the pot there in works really well but everyone has there own way in there environment