Desperate help diagnosing issue

I’ve attempted to grow a few plants again and again, but each time i get to the seedling stage, there starts to get some yellowing in the veins of the first few leaves (image A) and some paleness across the entirety of the leaves (image C). At this point i am down to using just FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil in nursery bags running on a 18/6 light schedule

im watering once every 3 days ~1/2 cup distilled water

i’ve tried using tap water
i’ve tried different watering schedules
light for the most part stays the same at 18/6 as nothing has reached veg state in months
tried using nutrients in water (General Hydroponics FloraSeries)
using extra nutrients in soil (during separate grows) (8-16-8, 20-0-0)

no matter what i do the plants always seem to get to the same state
(imgur links bc new user)
Image A,B, C, D: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

and eventually all the seedlings end up looking like this (image D)

setup is: 4x4x6.5 tent, 4" intake fan and carbon filter, two 3" fans, one 100w full spectrum LED light, medium sized humidifier set to 60%
plants are in 1gallon nursery bags filled with only FoxFarm Ocean Forest.

i could really use the help i’m at a complete loss with this

Ocean forest is super hot. If using just OF you don’t need any nutes for 3-4 weeks. When I used OF I mixed it 50/50 with pro mix HP. The pro mix hp is a clean slate and helps the OF to not turn into concrete. Also, you don’t need a exact schedule for watering. Every seed is different even if the same strain. I would suggest a mister instead of dumping water in until they have a good root foundation.
This is just my opinion, hopefully it helps. Happy growing! Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Even super experienced growers run into problems. :fire::seedling::fire: