Dehumidify tips and tricks

Has anyone used moisture absorption bags to help bring down rh

I’ve gone through 3 different dehumidifiers and none of which have been able to hold rh @ 55-57 …I figured I’d help the dehumidifier do it’s job with some moisture absorption bags. They haven’t arrived (till thursday)

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Partial exchange of the air is what I do, not enough to alter the temp, if you have a adjustable speed exhaust fan set it to barley run. This time of year most households are typically dryer due to winter.


I have used silica gel
It really depends on the size of the tent / environment and using enough product to make it work.
I have also tried Rock salt, rice bags…spreading the material out for more surface exposure. I placed trays of salt / rice, under my plant stands. Was messy…but worked. I also had an enormous grow area 2500 sq ft plus. The a/c, dehumidifier electric cost was too high and I got so tired of emptying the water buckets
Inside my 8x4 tent, the exhaust fan takes care of it all (soil grow, not hydro - in hydro, you can seal off the reservoir / buckets so the only the plants add moisture to the area, not the medium)
I get better results using my exhaust fans, like Rye says, and I am careful on my watering that I water different plants on different days so I reduce the respiration. I also watch temps…lower temps, lower Rh.

This is something I have an issue with also, I finally broke down n got a big azz dehumidifier, cost like 250 and it’s the same as running a window a/c unit as far as electricity goes, but it does the job, my rh on the top floor of my house is 30-40 constantly, its really more than I want to spend monthly and if I cld find a way that wasnt just a sheer pain in the azz to employ I certainly would, but in the long run I’m still coming out ahead as far as what I’m getting out vs what I’m putting in


those hanging moisture absoption bags work really well, they will fill up with water over time. Im just not sure as to how fast they work, as i use them in my rv during storage & they are always full of water when i open it in the spring. You can also try an open bag of plain kingsford charcoal in the tent if you have room, charcoal does absorb alot of moisture & some odor as well.


Mike…please, if you make a recommendation, point us to the product. It helps for those who do not have the knowledge yet. This is how we grow, add to our arsenal

Hmmmm… cannabis charcoal

I think the bags are made by’’ damp rid’’, they also sell it in small buckets as well, im not computer savvy enough to post any links. sorry…

Got it, they are Calcium Chloride (rock salt / ice melt)
google “damp rid” and they come up
Amazon, sams club,etc