Dehumidifier size

can anyone tell me what size dehumidifier I need for a 19x40 room with 120 plants I am getting numbers all over the place on how many pints I need to remove

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you cannot just go by the number of plants and room size, it doesn’t work that way. You need to know the avg temps (day / night) the room will have, hydro (define) or substrate (and type of substrate), amount of lights, style, wattage and make, VPD, CO2?..etc
I ran a 20 by 25 room and 2 full size dehumidifier worked all the time (75 pint - 5k sq ft each). 10 cali 880’s. co2, 85°f daytime avg, 70°f at night. Dehumidifiers (exhaust) were ported out of the room (heat removal), a 4 ton split with 2 modules at 1800 each…It was a struggle in the summer. The dehumidifiers worked CONSTANTLY