Defoliation schedule for autoflowers

So I am new to auto flower and I have 2 growing in a3x3 and the are around 14 to 21 days. I have just started to LST them and now am wondering if I should defoliate them or wait or what to do again this is my first time with autos and don’t wanna mess up please help!!

That early, I’d only trim anything blocking soil level air flow. As long as the fan was waving them, indicating no funky, damp corners, I’d let them bank the good stuff in the ground as nature intended.

Only leaves that are completely blocking new growth out or are damaged… Id wait till around day 35-45 to prune/defoliate… Then don’t defoliate again until she’s been in flower for about a full three weeks. That should take her to the end other than plucking a few here and there.

I defoliated my OG auto too much and it suffered for it. My bubblegum auto grew slower so I didn’t do a major defoliation till after week 3 of flower and it looks great now.

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FIM THE F@#K out of em big bush many colas