Defoliate or not defoliate

This is my first grow with leds…Past grows with T5s…All indoor grows are autoflower…
First 2 are bubblegum and will harvest within 10 days…Back middle is OG kush…Back corners are Jack Herer…They are at 7 weeks…My question is should I start pulling many of the fan leaves and just leaving maybe a third of the leaves…
Also when the bubblegums leave the grow area, can I spread the branches for maximum light coverage…Or is it to late…
Oh ya,One more question…I have a Viparspectra2500 with dimmer switch…
There recommendations are 18" to 24" at a full 250W…To save electricity cost I have lowered the light to 12" above canopy at 185W…Same Lux reading as at 18" at 250W… Needin knowledge from the Maestros…THANKS


I’m no Maestro, just enjoying your plants, hope you don’t mind. :v:t2: :star_struck:


No not at all…I got some nice last summer outside grow also

Gelatos,GSC, Bud


Awake, north wind! Rise up, south wind! Blow on my garden and spread its fragrance all around. Come into your garden, my love; taste its finest fruits


One day, I will grow them with my Christmas trees of holidays past. When I lived in the UK, we’d get live trees and then plant them. Little tiny things. That was over twenty years ago now. I bet they are beautiful. :star_struck: :evergreen_tree:

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When I lived in Scarsdale NY, I used to buy Blue spruce live, every year for Christmas and plant them in the yard afterwards. I reached the point where I had property separation line of spruces


You are kidding, right? Blue Spruce was my Mother’s favorite. Hahahaha! Wuuuuuttt?? Freud. Karma. I should probably just stop while I’m ahead.

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Thanks for liking the grow pics. Still wondering if I should trim the fan leaves…Thinking of leaving 1/3 of fan leaves on plants…
Do you defoliate your plants ??
Outside grow is a whole lot of sun…Maybe pull a leaf or two, to expose bud sites…
T5 grows is keeping the light as close to the plants as possible…A pain in the ass, I always thought…
LED’s is the way to go…I freaking love it…
With knowledge from ya’ll, I hope to be able to grow some awesome ladies…
Defoliate or not Defoliate ???

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I’m not a Maestro, nor would I ever claim that because my Creator likes to throw curve balls when I claim arrogance. Ha! (Thanks for your patience!)

Saying that, you have been dwelling about defoliating for a few days now, the urge hasn’t left the building, so defoliate. Only you know your ladies like no other, you are the Creator. :v:t2: :heart_eyes:

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Yes defoliation of the bottom 1/2 or more is recommended. Go slow when removing, no more than 30%of the plant at 1 time. You may be able to spread the branches out, depending on how stiff they have gotten.

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Also turn your light back up, this late in flower they will eat it up, and you probably need some silica in your feed.

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I thought silica was refined sand…After checking on Amazon, I find that most of the products are NPK nutrients…many 0-50-30 as an example…
What products do you use for Silica ??

Bill…DE (diatomaceous earth) is a great source of silica. We use it often to combat gnats, and other insects in the soil. Any FOOD GRADE DE is a welcome addition to the environment.


Thankyou one and all…


My apologies for sounding strange at times. It tends to occur when I’m overtired/overstimulated. You know how a kid feels before school starts after having free time all summer? That’s me.

PS: I also have a tendency to overexplain. :v:t2: :grin:


Hey, no apologies needed…
Been there and done that…

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When you say you went from t5s to led are you talking about 4ft tube led’s

I ask because the one photo shows tubes

Yes, Actually I had been using 2-4’ - 4 bulb t5s HO w/ red and white colored bulbs…I would have to SCROG to get an even canopy, since the lights had to be so close to plants…I thought it was a real pain…
I love the growing freedom of LEDs