Deficiency Problem

My 4 week old autos have some leaves that are turning brown. I started feeding them Fox Farm Big Bloom and Grow Big at 1/4th of the manufactures recommendation. The soil is Happy Frog and Ocean Forest.


over watered, it’s a human thing to hover over a plant like a helicopter which causes over Watering :v::laughing:


I’ve got just a few leaves towards top of my buds doing same thing. I think maybe i am overwatering. All of mine are just covered with trichomes, and a lot of pistols have went to amber but my tri’s have been milky and no changes with any of them. I was wandering if there would be a conection.


connection is Fungus Gnats and fungus gnats eat feeder roots, before any diagnosis always dry the soil out. just may find that the plant will actually enjoy it’s waterings if we don’t force it to. With 5 weeks to go you can do little except water a little less or a lot less

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@Jewels55 :wave: free app in beta, PAR, PPFD DI Light Meter just type in Photone at google play store. play with this light meter app under your lights and it’s actually a great smart phone idea. don’t worry about any calibrations they’ve beta trutht it now. it’s actually fun to know… again the app is Photone @Nehuskx

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Thanks everyone. I’m going to wait until the soil drys out before watering again. Could be that I had a good buzz going yesterday while I was tending to them. Maybe I should put my bowl down when gardening :smiley:

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