Deficiency? Cal-Mag?

This just started and It’s getting worse. Can you pinpoint @MDBuds I’m freaked out. Sudden. WWA, HGCC + Nutes. Soil FFHF+OF. Super happy plant to date.

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@GrnyGrows can you show me the whole plant and one of the main stalk and one of some stems?

What is your substrate ph?

Yep. I’ll get them. FFHF + FFOF + Pearlite. I’ll be back shortly.

I’ve not done a slurry test on soil – only some run off pH – 5.8 or so. Most of the problem seems to be on the main cola.

@GrnyGrows It’s definitely an immobile nutrient issue such as calcium/magnesium. The older growth is all healthy and the newer growth around the buds is showing deficiency. I don’t see any purple stems or petioles either and the branches look healthy so I know it isn’t a NPK deficiency. I asked about the slurry test because that would help me see if you either just need to increase your flower feed a little or if you have some potassium/phosphorus excess starting to lockout micros which would require a flush and just watering with plain pH adjusted water to correct it.

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I can do a slurry tomorrow. Thank you. This surprised me. I’ll follow your method to slurry and I’ll let ya know.

OK – 1 pt soil, 2 pt distilled water. Stirred, let sit a little while then tested. Runoff and slurry show the same – 5.8 - 6.0. Can I hurt my plant with CalMag? Should I increase flower nutes? Flush? I’m so worried about her.

6.0 is within uptake ranges but in flower in soil you want to try to bring it to 6.5. Calmag won’t hurt right now. The acidic pH shows it’s using everything fine and there’s no calcium build up raising ph due to lockout. I’d also try to pH the feedings between 6.5-6.8.

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