Deelite Autoflower

Hello everyone!!! This is my first time posting on here. I just started growing my first plant 3 weeks ago. It is a Deelite Autoflower. Everything was going good then i did my first transplant. Now I have som spots and so dry looking leaves. If anyone has any tips to help this out would be greatly appreciated.

So details about my growing set up:
Deelite Autoflower
Using fox farms Happy Tree soil
With the fox farm trio pack of big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom.

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Ok so some more basic information will be helpful. What is the ph of your water, how often do you water, are you adding the nutes yet, what other additives have you added, what light is it under, and what is your environment temp, RH,%.

At first blush it looks like a slight nute burn, and probably too wet. Nothing bad at all, and she is at 3 weeks so you’ve moved past the most sensitive part.

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And of course welcome to the forum @Thriller716 there is a lot of information to absorb and a ton of good people here to share with.

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Thank you!! Yes a lot of information but all very helpful. As for the more specific
The PH level i have maintained at 6.5-7.0
I have been watering wet to almost dry/completely dry which has been about once every 3-4 days.
I just added Nutes for the first time this pass week on wednesday when i transplanted it. No other additives other then what is already in the soil. I am using the HPS 150w with a 20 on and 4 off system
The temp is 26.3 at nights and around 31 during the day. With 30% right now.

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Hey hey, I got the same freebee seeds and having the same issue as Thriller716. I also have some Critical and it looks fantastic. They are about 3 weeks old and I transplanted them into 5 gal pots a few days ago. Zero wilting or anything other than some lightening of the Deelite leaves. I am using regular potting soil with nutrients already in it. Thus I have not tested the ph yet. I have not fed anything as just been using distilled and the last watering was from the tap. I have not actually soaked the soil to overflow as of yet knowing overwatering when so young is not good. In all honesty they all look healthy as heck, but the Deelite is showing some lightening of some leaves…not just edges. Temps around 77 nd RH 50 since transplant. I turned off my humidifier yesterday as the rh was 80+ at times. Yes I have a fan going.

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@Nicehit @Thriller716 welcome to the fourm!i too am a first time grower i popped the deelite auto myself just to get a feel of what its like to grow. With the deelite auto i think its in the genetics for them to get yellow leaves cause they like high nitrogen .I’m using straight pro mix medium so i have been feeding them since i started them. Also be prepared cause they will get about 5foot tall.

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@Nicehit @croniclow @Rye

Thank you for your feed back. Everything was a big help. This is an update. Also a question. I am not sure when she is ready for harvest/when to harvest.

This is 14 weeks since I planted her.
I am around the 6 or 7 week mark of flowering.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Check your trichomes(crystals) they tell all if you give the group a little bit I garuntee someone will post a chart.

Edit i found my chart

just an observation…looks like a little too much N…if you are feeding synthetics, time to begin the FLUSH…2 weeks straight water…if not…you are nearing harvest (2-3 weeks). Pistils are still forming (white)…only water…chill the water a little…like 65/70f…if lights are more than 12…start giving more dark time…you want the plant to think winter is coming…8 hrs of light is WINTER…the buds should thicken a little…Rh -45% to 35%…Temp should be 65-75°f…if you have CO2 supplements…now is the time. You are in the home stretch unless you have too much light / heat…then they could foxtail (grow bud on bud)


My one Deelite got a tad too big for my tent and I moved it outside a month ago. It’s had a hard time in the elements with the heat, windy storms, and longer days than 12/12 so I can’t judge it properly. It has some buds but, not a lot of trichs. I am starting some ice and cool water for a cut in another week or so. No foxtailing yet and wouldn’t blame it on the plant. I am at ~15 weeks with a tent flip at 9 weeks.

Your not a beginner anymore, nice job. Just a month in myself on my first grow.