Deelite auto round 2

This is my second time growing the deelite strain. First time is the lower picture I didn’t try and train much I didn’t top it was in information overload with everything I was reading and being told, I wasn’t sure at what point of time I needed to be doing some of the growing techniques. I got about 2 1/4 ounces of smokable bud from the first plant and it was very short maybe 16” tall. My second grow the top pictures I did top once and did a bit of LST until the main stalk split and I tied some garden string around where it split to hold it together, so I stopped doing the training on it. It seemed to take off after that happened. Right now it’s about 4 weeks into flower. I think she is doing well.


Nice looking grow @jjress ! I still think the first one looks really cool.

I’ve had stems split on me a couple of times too. They’ve always been ok but I went a bit gentler with them after that. If you start early and work them every day or 2 you can shape it almost any way you want. Once the branch starts to get woody and you still have to lever down on it is where you run into trouble.

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Beautiful little Christmas tree :grin: both of them looks tasty!

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