Dee-lite. The free ones they throw in

What are these things? I just lollipoped on the way to “schwazzing” like I always do to get the highest potency, resins, and monster nugs. This thing smells terrific and super sticky. I almost had to fire up a gas weed eater , so much foliage.
I’ve got a bunch more seeds, not sure what this strain is all about. I’ll scwazzing in 2 days.

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I have a few of these seeds as well, but the ones I tried only got about 14" tall and netted under 10 grams per plant. Gonna try another batch once the weather warms up here.



there my last haul!!there is roughly 2 1/2 pounds round 85 grams of kief, there is blueberry, White Widow, Zkittles/Obama kush,AK47 and alil bit of Lemon Haze and a shit load of trim for my yummys!!


What’s scwazzing? Ive never seen the term before with all my checking in on cannabis growing sites. I’ll look it up but I’d like to hear directly from the horses mouth or something.

It’s where I basically wet trim the entire plant about 10 days before I chop it down. The plant goes into panic mode and throws more terps, resin and the buds swell tremendously. the plant basically goes into defense it thinks it’s being attacked. Works perfectly with auto or photoperiod.


Nice bro!! I’m going to grow the AK 47 Autos… Two of them in DWC

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This is probably the best advice I learned that which image is my preferred method, and I just saw on YouTube for the first time a guy trimmed one of his Mendo dope sauce, plants and cut all the shade leaves fan leaves off and just left the coals and then chopped it down. I think a week later, but that is affirmative to hear that is a good idea. I’ll plan on harvesting on the 21st and believe the farmers almanac says but it was down in the low 40s every night all last weekend.