DampRid in drying box?

Has anyone tried using DampRid in a drying box for humidity and odor?

I use them in a 2x2x4 grow tent. Gallon jugs are easiest. The smaller containers are better for precision Rh%. Just from my experiences, good luck!

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Thanks I’m a newbie having trouble regulating RH and temp in my 2x2x3 drying box and my electric dehumidifier is not cutting it.

what are your temps, what is your Rh

The highest temp today has been 70F the lowest 62F RH is currently at 57% it has been as high as 61%. Not so worried about temp as the frozen jugs are pretty good at controlling that. I’ve got an edged baking sheet about 14 inches long filled with rice and throughout the day it has slowly brought RH down to 57% today low so far.

your temps and Rh are perfect for drying…the good range is 50-70 for both temp and Rh…if you fall in between there, it is OK. If the Rh starts to get up near the 65-70% range consistently, then make sure you have ventilation / fan going.

Thanks Mike, giving me a range on temp RH hopefully I can keep it between the parameters. I’ve got another one in the grow tent that should be close to harvest. Do you dry or wet trim?

it depends on time of year and the actual buds themselves
When Rh is LOW in the environment (not the dry room, but ambient all around rh levels and my buds are NOT VERY DENSE, I trim after they have dried or halfway through. Dense buds can mold so unless you are using a mold prevention solution…wet trim…leave the sugar leaves - trim them after she is dry…then the terpines / trikes are mature and bring the plant to a higher level. You can smoke them or make edibles / tinctures / butter, etc.
If Rh is hgih and you struggle to keep it at bay, wet trim…

Well my computer fan came in and is not sufficient for my dry box. I’ll have to get a 4 in
In-line fan I guess. We’re in a high humidity period, yesterday RH was 95-97% and I’ve got 5 lbs of rice in large pans and 3 activated bamboo charcoal packets.hanging. Still a challenge to control humidity. I was thinking that my home is kept at 68F and humidity in the 43-45% range. I’m thinking of drying in my closet. Till I can rework my dry box. Any comments or suggestions?

Eva-Dry makes a renewable, rechargeable portable dehumidifier. I bought the smallest model (2) they take in moisture slow. Thinking about trying the high capacity. I will let you know if/when I install.

I’ll give that a try. Thanks Mike

how many plants are in the dry box? How did you mount the fan, to circulate or a hole / exhausting it to the outside? Negative pressure?

@Bud1 the salt bucket method works great. 2 5 gallon buckets 1 with a lid 1 without a lid, some cheese cloth, and a big bag of rock salt or road salt. Make sure you get the stackable buckets. Bucket 1 with lid drill holes all over the top of the lid then place the lid on the bucket. Bucket 2 with no lid drill holes all over the bottom and part of the sides a few inches around the bottom. Line the bottom of bucket 2 with cheese cloth making sure all holes are covered with the cheese cloth. Fill bucket 2 with salt and place on top of bucket one. Bucket 2 with the salt will pull moisture out of the air and drain into bucket 1. It works great.


It would probably help but it’s a ripoff. It’s composed mostly of calcium chloride with some sodium and potassium chloride as well… basically salts. If you have any calcium chloride (ice melt), it would do the same thing. Just don’t let it touch the greenery.

Thanks for your response, it is appreciated.