Dabs and how to make them?

Hi,-please forgive the question ,but how would you go about making dabs,does the buzzz last longer? Thanks much.

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i have made wax by compressing/heating buds between parchment paper, i love dipping a ball of wax in kief , makes for a fantastic ‘‘hash like’’ smoke… they do make rosin presses for home use at a fairly reasonable price…

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Hey @mikes - does the “wax” separate from the plant material? In using this method, are you basically “squeezing” the wax out of the buds?

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yes, its rosin but they call it wax for some reason, although its not very waxy, i find it easier to leave it on the parchment paper & freeze it, then peel it off & put it in a silicone container for dabbing. its pretty sticky when its warm…

also the bud puck thats left is still smokable it will be less potent…

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OK - got it! Essentially you’re doing a warm press. I do the opposite - freeze the sugar leaves/buds/etc and crush them. Sift the whole works through a silk screen (I use a 150 micron), which gives a fairly pure (80+%) kief powder. Very easy/clean/no-mess method and you can harvest even the smallest amount of “thc crystals” from the plant material. This is a simple version of the “dry ice using hash bags” method.


Thank you! It sounds a bit complicated…one day.

The only complicated part is justifying the price of a press :rofl: